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19 Feb 2012

The Top 20 Best Beaches in Gran Canaria

beautiful Gran Canaria beach with wave at sunset
Gran Canaria beaches:From endless stretches of golden sand to tiny, remote bays

Gran Canaria has dozens of beaches, from the Saharan splendour of Maspalomas to the tiny patch of sand at Sardina del Norte. Some are packed with sun loungers and parasols, while others are hours away from the nearest Full English Breakfast. Whatever your taste, the island is guaranteed to have the perfect beach for you.

Click on the title of each beach for a Google Maps view.

Lex has over 600 excellent photos of Gran Canaria's beaches on Gran Canaria Info.

Beach and its dunes make up Gran Canaria's biggest and most popular beach. It is over 6 kilometres long, with huge, golden dunes and calm water. It has a nudist zone in the centre and snack stalls at regular intervals. Maspalomas Beach is so big that you can always find a quiet spot!

I've covered Maspalomas in loads of details in these two posts:

This hidden beach is a local favourite, especially amongst the island's many nudists. Montaña de Arena has no facilities and is about 10 minutes walk down a track from the GC 500 road, between Maspalomas and Arguineguin. It is hard to find, hard to get to, and hard to forget. The beach is a thin strip of sand at the base of a huge sand dune. At high tide to have to sit on the dune itself! 

To get to Montaña de Arena, drive from Maspalomas along the GC500. It is about 5 minutes past Pasito Blanco Marina. Park in one of the two patches of ground that pass as car parks, and then either walk along the coast, or down the dune itself. 

The locals are happy to share their beach with tourists but some of them object to cameras and video cameras! The area behind the beach is going to be developed into a new resort. The developers have promised to respect Montaña de Arena, but nobody is quite sure what that means!

A half moon of white Caribbean sand with a fringe of bars, shops and restaurants: Amadores Beach looks like it was invented by the tourist industry. That's because it was! Amadores was built from scratch about 15 years ago when Puerto Rico's beach got overwhelmed with people. It has warm, sheltered water, lifeguards and lots of loungers. Amadores is a great, safe beach for families with kids, but isn't the place for people who love their beaches wild and unspoilt.

Get to Amadores from Puerto Rico Beach by walking for 15 minutes along the safe cliff-top path that runs from the marina. Or take a taxi! Its about three minutes away from Puerto Rico by road.

Anfi del Mar
Anfi is another gorgeous artificial beach. It was built by the company behind the enormous Anfi Timeshare complex that overshadows it. Originally Anfi Beach was meant to be a private beach for Anfi customers, but Spanish law forbids private beaches so everybody can use it. Coming from Maspalomas and Arguineguin, Anfi is just before Puerto Rico resort on the GC 500 road. Park in the carpark on the opposite side of the road and walk down to the beach. It has shops, bars and restaurants.
Las Canteras Beach is probably the island's most underrated beach. It is 3.5km long and sits right in the middle of the city of Las Palmas. Sheltered by a lava rock reef, it is safe for swimming and made of gorgeous golden sand. The snorkelling here is great because the whole beach is a marine reserve.

I can't recommend Canteras enough: loads of space, local bars and restaurants, surfing at its southern end, and a completely local feel. If you fancy getting out of the resorts but still fancy a day on the beach, Las Canteras is the place for you.

I've covered Las Canteras in much more details in this post:

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Melenara Beach is the local beach for the Town of Telde. It is dark yellow in colour, and well maintained, with local restaurants on its promenade. Next door is another, similar beach called Salinetas. If you are staying in Las Palmas and it's cloudy, Melenaras is the first beach you get to that is likely to have sunshine. 

To get to Melenara and Salinetas, turn off the motorway at Ikea, head down to the coast, and then head north until you get to the beaches. 
Confital is Las Palmas' most pristine, natural beach. It used to have hundreds of illegal houses but they have been removed, and the beach and surroundings left to return to nature. Confital is mostly rocky, with a few patches of golden sand. It is nudist from the end of the wooden boardwalk. Confital is also home to one of the best tube waves in Europe.

There is much more about Confital, and Las Palmas' other beaches in this post:

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Some great photos of Confital's annual surf competition here

San Agustin beach is in front of the resort of the same name. It tends to be quieter and more local than Maspalomas /Playa del Ingles. It can be windy at times, but is a decent beach with plenty of facilities and sand space.
Las Burras is a bit of a hidden treasure. It is between Maspalomas Beach and San Agustin Beach. You can walk to it by following the coastal path from Playa del Ingles. Las Burras is mostly local, with calm water, plenty of space, and golden sand.

The Taurito valley or barranco is dominated by apartments with purple tile roofs, and a huge swimming pool. You have to pay to use the pool, but the little, sandy beach at the mouth of the valley is free. It is small, and is often quite empty. The snorkelling along the cliffs to either side is very good.

Mogan beach used to be stony but a big delivery of Saharan sand has turned it into a lovely, sheltered beach. It is right next to Puerto Mogan and has some lovely fish restaurants on its promenade. The beach makes Mogan a complete day trip and holiday destination. 

There are several beaches along the GC 500 just before you get to Arguineguin from Maspalomas. They are mixed sand and pebble beaches and popular with local families and nudists. The advantage of these beaches is that they are undeveloped and quiet. The view of the huge cement works does detract from their charms slightly!

There are several beaches in the bay, including El Llanillo, Los Bigotes, and Playa Triana. Just park up alongside the GC 500 where you see other cars and head down the track to the beach. Los Bigotes is right by the road!

Guayedra is the locals' local beach. It is a pebble and sand beach just past Agaete on the amazing West Coast Road. It is hard to get to as you have to drive down a track, park up and then walk on down to the beach. During the week you will probably have it all to yourself, except for the odd group of nudist campers. At the weekends it fills up people from Agaete, Galdar and Guia
Burrero Beach is another tiny local beach that rarely sees a tourist. It is just south of the airport. It can be windy but is usually sheltered enough to sit on. Burrero has a rocky outcrop that protects the beach, and you share the sand with fishing boats and fish traps. There are shops in the little village next door. 

Just behind the beach is a tiny archaeological site: The original prehistoric Canarians, called Guaches, used to like Burrero too, and had a small village on the spot.

Veneguera Beach is important because it marked the high tide mark for rampant tourist development in Gran Canaria. When plans for a mega-resort in the valley were announced the islanders protested so much that the plans were shelved indefinitely. Thanks to local indignation, Veneguera remains pristine. All it has is an old quay that was used to ship tomatoes, and a couple of mango farms. It is mostly pebbles, with a few patches of dark sand. Take all supplies with you!

Get to Veneguera down the rough track from the Mogan Valley (see Google Map).

Puerto Rico
Sandwiched between two marinas, and the main beach for the whole resort, Puerto Rico Beach is often very busy. It is safe, calm and clean, but many people head round the hill to Amadores Beach to avoid the crowds. Mogan's town council, which governs Puerto Rico, has recently announced that it is to ban smoking and night-time swimming on all its beaches. This affects Mogan, Amadores and Puerto Rico Beaches.

Playa del Ingles
Not so much a beach in itself, but the part of Maspalomas Beach that is in front of the Playa del Ingles resort. It has recently grown thanks to three groynes that have trapped sand and formed three new beaches between Maspalomas Beach and Las Burras (see Google Maps). Playa del Ingles Beach is a good place to book water sports!

Meloneras is Maspalomas' other beach. It is right at the end of the new promenade in front of the big hotels like the Villa del Conde and the Baobab. Meloneras is rarely busy, but has loungers, plenty of sand, and restaurants. If Maspalomas beach is windy there is a good chance that Meloneras won't be. 

Puerto de las Nieves
Puerto de Las Nieves is a little fishing village in the north west corner of Gran Canaria. It has some lovely fish restaurants and is the departure point for the fast ferry to Tenerife. It has two beaches, both pebbly. One is in the harbour and the other is the far side of the village's old quay. The far end of this second beach is a designated nudist area. Sadly for Puerto de Las Nieves, its iconic Finger of God lost its finger during a big storm a few years ago. You can still see the remaining knuckle of god by looking towards the cliffs from the quay.

About 2 kn north of Puerto de Las Nieves is the stunning pebble beach of El Juncal. Walk there by following the promenade north and continuing along the track. Juncal really deserves its own entry!

See this post for more on Puerto de las Nieves.

Gui Gui Beach
Gui Gui or Guigui Beach is Gran Canaria's most remote and unspoilt beach. It is a three hour hike from the nearest road and is best reached by boat. Either take a day trip from Puerto Rico that includes a stop at Gui Gui, or the water taxi from Puerto de Las Nieves

There is much more about Gui Gui in this post:

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Do you know of another beach in Gran Canaria that deserves to be on this list. Which Gran Canaria beach is your favourite? Leave a comment and let me know!  

Great YouTube video of Veneguera Beach and Valley:

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