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3 May 2012

Gran Canaria Restaurants: The Allende Restaurants in Las Palmas

Allende in Triana is an excellent lunch choice

I had lunch in Allende yesterday, half way through a marathon day of product photography. To be honest I was too cross-eyed to fully enjoy the excellent food. Everything we ordered was well presented, delicious and very reasonably priced. The shared meal for four, without wine, came to 55 euros. I can't recommend it enough and will be going back again as soon as I can.

Allende Triana is a smart restaurant in an old building from the 1920s or 1930s. The site has been totally refurbished indoors but has kept the original building's support pillars, which is a nice touch. You can choose to sit indoors, or on the cobbled street outside under big white umbrellas. We were in a hurry and all the outdoor tables were full (no reservations allowed outside at lunchtime) so we sat inside.

The service was excellent and drinks appeared promptly. Everything seemed very well organised but drinks orders were still shouted through a hatch, which gives Allende a homely feel. Too many Las Palmas restaurants are opting for little e-pads that silently whizz orders about but feel completely impersonal.

The client was paying and knew the menu well so he ordered. We had a Thai salad, a plate of huevos rotos with chistorras, a plate of salmorejo and a nice piece of quality steak. The salmorejo, thick, cold soup from Andalusia made from tomatoes, bread, oil and vinegar, came out first. It can be terrible if made badly, but Allende's version, generously garnished with jamon serrano, was very good: Thick and cool with just enough garlic to give it a character.

The Thai salad, made from chicken fried in breadcrumbs with puffed up noodles, was nice but could have done with a bit more of a kick. Not surprising as Canarians love garlic, cumin and bay leaves, but are a little shy of hot chilli, fresh coriander and lemon grass. Most exotic dishes here are a little under-spiced.

The steak was very good but slightly too cooked for my taste ( I like it still quivering). It came with chips that were so thin that they were almost crisps. Nice idea but cooked in oil that wasn't quite hot enough so they had absorbed too much grease. I imagine that, with a full restaurant, there was a lot of action in the fryer at the time!

The star of the show for me was the huevos rotos: A mish-mash of chips, fried eggs with runny yolks and little chorizo sausages called chistorras. Always a reliable dish, and an excellent hangover lunch, huevos rotos usually comes in a little pan or heaped up on a plate. Allende served it as a pretty stack with the chips forming a basket holding the fried eggs and the chistorras on the top. It looked great and was perfect!

Everything else that came out of the kitchen looked well presented and there were lots of oohs and aahs from the other tables.

Sadly there was no time for pudding so we knocked back a cortado coffee each, paid the very reasonable bill, and went back to work. 

Allende isn't the cheapest place in Las Palmas to have lunch but in terms of price and quality it is superb. As always in Las Palmas, especially in restaurants that cater to lunching workers, arrive before 2pm for a guaranteed table. Allende's menu is Spanish only; always a good sign of 

Lunch at Allende Triana was so good that I took the wife to the Allende Guanarteme the next night, just to make sure it wasn't a one off! We ordered the partridge pate, which was light and tasty, the Allende salad with pear, caramelized pecans, bacon, chicken and raisins (superb), and the huevos rotos with wild mushrooms (very good). For dessert a chocolate mousse with caramelized orange peel went down very well. With a couple of beers and coffee the meal set us back 35 euros.

The Guanarteme Allende isn't in quite such a nice venue as the Triana one, but is still well decorated. The service was great and the clientele well-heeled. I would recommend both to anyone looking for a good quality meal in Las Palmas at a reasonable price.

Allende in Triana is on Calle Domingo J Navarro 16. The second Allende in Guanarteme, close to Canteras Beach, is at Calle Joaquin Costa 14. A third location is coming soon.

Allende's decent website has a gallery of images and contact details.

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