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26 Jan 2013

Vicia vulcanorum: A New Species From Lanzarote

Vicia vulcanorum: New Lanzarote species

Botanists have discovered a brand new species of plant in the lava fields of northern Lanzarote. It's only small but produces pretty white flowers and highlights the importance of the Canary Islands as a biodiversity hotspot.

The Canaries are so full of unique plants and animals that they are known as the Galapagos Islands of Europe. Everyone has heard of the canary but there are thousands of unique animals and plants living here. From blue chaffinches to giant dragon trees, albino cave crabs to giant lizards, you are only ever feet away from something special in the Canaries.

The latest find is related to vetch and is known as Vicia vulcanorum. It grows in the Malpais de la Corona and is uncommon but not thought to be endangered.

While botanists have just spotted it local shepherds call it Chinipilla; an old guanche word that may have been passed from them to the Spanish.

Vicia vulcanorum is the latest discovery in the Canary Islands. In Gran Canaria botanists recently found a new species of dragon tree growing just a few minutes from the island's resorts.

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