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7 Feb 2013

Gran Canaria Weather: What To Expect In February

The weather in Gran Canaria in February is variable but mostly sunny
February weather in Gran Canaria: Variable but better than anywhere else

The average day temperature in Gran Canaria in February is "only" 18ºC and it rains fox six days during the month. February is the coldest month of the year and also one of the wettest.

That's the bad news! The good news is that Gran Canaria gets an average of seven hours of sunshine per day during the whole February. It was 28ºC at midday in Las Palmas two days ago (see photo for proof, taken on February 2nd 2013

Cold in Gran Canaria is always relative. It was 17ºC at sunset in Las Palmas today and we saw a man jogging down the beachfront in a pair of fluffy earmuffs. At the same time a surfer in nothing but a pair of budgie smugglers walked off the beach.

The key to preparing for a holiday in Gran Canaria during February is to accept that it is going to be variable: In the last two days we've had a dust storm, light showers and hours of blazing sunshine. Pack a jumper and pair of long trousers along with your bikini and shorts.

If you plan to head up into the mountains bring a light windproof jacket as it gets cold up there. Sometimes it even snows up in the Cumbres in February.

Despite a few cloudy days and the odd shower, Gran Canaria and the other Canary Islands have the best weather anywhere in Europe during February. They are the only place within a few hours flight where you are guaranteed enough sunshine and warmth to sunbathe comfortably.

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