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17 Apr 2013

The Funniest Tourist Complaints From Gran Canaria

Cheap booze is one of the bizarre tourist complaints from Gran Canaria
Cheap booze ruined my Gran Canaria holiday!
Here's the Top Five most absurd tourist complaints that we've heard over the last year in Gran Canaria: Have you got a better one? Let us know for next year's post!

Not all inclusive!?

A large family sat at a beach front restaurant in Amadores and ordered a big meal. Then they ordered desserts, followed by coffees and liqueurs. Then they got up and walked off. A confused waiter ran after them with the bill but the family just looked at him blankly. He explained that they had forgotten to pay. Our family waved their "all-inclusive" bracelets at him and headed for the beach. 

The restaurant owner, after a few deep breaths, had to go and explain that it was their resort, and not the whole of Gran Canaria, that was all inclusive.

Too many fish in the sea!

This is a commom complaint and we've heard it several times in Gran Canaria. Apparently people don't realize that there are fish in the sea. Maybe they expect the ocean to be teeming with fish fingers instead. There are plenty of fish in the sea around Gran Canaria and, overall, it's a good thing.

There's no Big Five in Gran Canaria!

Jeep Safaris are a Gran Canaria institution. Lots of people get into open-topped jeeps and bomb around the mountain roads looking at the sights. They stop (often) for refreshment, have a big lunch, and go back to their resort tanned and happy. Except for two girls holding big cameras. 

Our girls stormed back into the office after their Safari and demanded their money back.They had expected to see zebras, elephants and crocodiles and were very disappointed that the biggest critter in Gran Canaria is the local lizard. The owner of the safari gave them a leaflet for Crocodile Park.

They won't take my pesetas!

A man staying in Mogán found some old Spanish notes at the bottom of a bag and was annoyed when the bars and restaurants wouldn't take them: 14 years after they were abolished. The receptionist at his hotel sent him off to the nearest bank where he exchanged them for (not many) Euros.

The alcohol is too cheap

A complaint from a woman who was having a terrible holiday in Playa del Ingles because her husband was drinking too much. They were on a tight budget and had agreed a booze-budget before the trip. Once her hubby found out how much Spanish cider you could buy for 10 euros he was too hungover to go to the beach. Every day!